Right now is a great time to upgrade your current heating system to a better, more efficient one. Puget Sound Energy is offering various rebates for electric and gas customers.  Here is a quick guide to help you find what is right for you and how much money you could save!

For Natural Gas Customers:

Heating System:
ENERGY STAR® qualified boiler (95 percent AFUE): $350
ENERGY STAR® qualified forced-air furnace: $250
Fireplace: $200
Integrated space and water heat: $800

Water Heating Systems:
WaterSense Showerheads: Up to $10 instant discount online or at participating retail stores    

For Electric customers:

Heating Systems: 
Ductless heat pump (1.0) ton minimum: $1,200
ENERGY STAR® qualified geothermal heat pump: $1,500
Forced-air furnace to air-source heat pump conversion: $1,500
Air Source Heat Pump: $200 to $800
Heat Pump sizing and lock-out control: $300

Water Heating
ENERGY STAR qualified heat pump water heater: $500
Storage water heater (.94 energy factor or higher): $50
Waste-water heat recovery system: $250
WaterSense® showerheads: Up to $10 instant discount online or at participating retail stores

Converting to natural gas:

Home and water heating: $1,950 - $3,950
Home heating only: $500 - $2,500
Water heating only: $950

Furnace Service

How long has it been since your last furnace service? Right now we are having a special on Furnace clean/inspect for only $99.00! It is recommended that you tend to your furnace once every 1-2 years. This ensures that your system is running at it's peak efficiency, and that you don't end up with serious issues like a build-up of mold or excessive dirt and debris.

 All furnace services include:
-Clean and adjust all safety controls
-Check thermostats

-Clean burners and controls
-Clean & adjust pilot assembly
-Adjust burners for effciency                         
-Check for gas leaks in furance
-Lubricate all moving parts
-Adjust pressure regulators
-Check Filters
-Check flue pipes
-Inspect wiring and connections

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